The Importance of Ultrasounds

You might think that a pregnancy test is the only thing you need in order to confirm your pregnancy. While a pregnancy test can tell you whether or not you are pregnant, it doesn’t give you much information about your pregnancy. In contrast, an ultrasound gives you some very important information that a pregnancy test cannot provide.

Here are some of the things you can only learn with an ultrasound:

Whether Your Pregnancy is Viable

In some cases a woman can have what’s known as an ectopic or tubal pregnancy, where the fertilized egg gets stuck in the fallopian tubes instead of traveling into the uterus for implantation. Unlike a regular pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy isn’t viable, and it can actually be a major threat to the mother’s life if left unchecked. Only an ultrasound can tell you whether you’re experiencing this condition.

The Age of Your Pregnancy

Another thing we can learn via ultrasound is how old your pregnancy is. By estimating the size and level of development of the baby, doctors can get an excellent sense of when you are due.

This information is vital for many reasons. Having an accurate due date allows you to:

Again, only an ultrasound can give you this information – taking a pregnancy test won’t give you an estimated due date or tell you how old your pregnancy is.

If the Baby is Healthy

An ultrasound is the best way to tell if your unborn baby is healthy before you give birth. Because an ultrasound can detect the baby’s heartbeat, it can tell if there are any irregularities or problems that would require medical intervention or follow up. Later in your pregnancy, ultrasounds can also provide an image of your growing baby and help diagnose any issues.

How Many Babies to Expect

There is always a possibility when you get pregnant that you could be carrying twins or even triplets. An ultrasound can detect how many babies you are carrying by detecting the number of heartbeats. In contrast, a pregnancy test cannot tell you how many babies to expect, just whether or not you’re pregnant.

Where to Get an Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are available at almost every obstetrician and prenatal doctor’s office. However, their services can be expensive. A better alternative is to call our pregnancy clinic and get a free limited obstetric ultrasound along with your free pregnancy test. When you confirm your pregnancy with Calaveras Pregnancy Center, we’ll schedule an appointment for your completely free and confidential limited ultrasound provided by Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center.

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